Psychiatry is a medical specialty comprised of a complex body of integrated knowledge, which is fundamentally rooted in a broad range of philosophical concepts and values.
  • The clinical practice in Korea tends towards the medical and pharmacological treatment based on the biological psychiatry. Psychosocial factors surrounding the management of psychiatric illness are not being widely considered in practice and psychoanalytic approach based on the psychoanalytic theories tends to be chosen as the therapeutic option aside from the medical treatment. Meanwhile, a rapidly growing fields such as contemporary philosophy, psychology and cognitive science that has turned into an interdisciplinary study, which all contribute to the enhanced, deeper understanding of the human mind and behavior, have been poorly understood in Korea playing only a minimal role in a clinical setting. Neglecting the rise of new disciplines may leave the field of psychiatry in seclusion, endangering its status and reputation in the contemporary era.
  • Furthermore, there are insufficient opportunities to learn about various current psychiatric treatments in Korea and resources to provide clinicians with necessary trainings are lacking. Across the globe, a number of psychotherapeutic interventions based on the cognitive behavioral therapy have been developed, tested, and applied, leading to the establishment of evidence that confirms their effectiveness as therapeutic methods. Unfortunately, there has been no academic society in Korea that primarily focuses on and deals with current psychotherapeutic interventions.
  • Thus, psychiatrists with such common interests have decided to launch Korean Academy of Medicine for Emotion, Cognition and Behavior (EmoCoBe)
  • Korean Academy of Medicine for Emotion, Cognition and Behavior (EmoCoBe) aims to embrace the interests of various existing academic groups such as Affective Science Study Group, Academy for Evidence based Psychotherapy, Academy for Meditation in Medicine and apply the knowledge of neuroscience, behavioral science and up-to-date psychological treatments in real practice. Any psychiatrists interested in this vision are welcome to join and participate in the academy.